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GimpFM was concieved in mid-2005; by late 2005 we were producing weekly recorded podcasts of the shows.

On Janurary 2006, we finally became, by the end of November 2006 we had paid for the licensing via Live365 and was a Live 24/7 internet radio station.

The Live radio station broadcast several shows, The GimpShow, GimpFM Classic (Pre-live podcasts) and a section for new up and coming bands to get their materal played, some of these bands included Jamie Rae who helped promte us too!

Unfortunely on Wednesday May 7th 2008 the radio station was halted indefinately due to lack of funds and raising licensing costs but we were already looking at the next development, Steaming TV!

Friday 20th September 2008 at 7pm and the GimpShow was back online for a few hour everyweek and played music video via YouTube.

This steaming TV show was not sustainable at that time and was discontinued after only a few shows.

GimpFM was on an indefinate hiatus due to Phil and Bob's personal life taking up more and more time.

We've recently revamped the site so be available for historical purposes.


Phil (
  • Co-Owner
  • Presenter
  • Producer
  • Writer
Bob (
  • Co-Owner
  • Presenter
  • Producer
  • Web Site Developer/Designer

Our Website

Our website was designed and developed by Adam Boutcher he also managed our Linux and Windows media servers when we were an active readio station.